Okay well, I want to go ahead and upload these now because it’s been a while since I posted serious art and these’re what’ve been consuming my time for a while now.

These are my friends’ fancharacters!  I’m posting them together because. that. is what I’m doing.  ..

The one on the left is Kat’s highblood fancestor, who can be seen here and here. Hopefully I haven’t grossly misrepresented her. I might be getting feedback tomorrow and probably should’ve waited to post this but. Anyway.  Her symbol is…well, you can probably guess from looking at the rest of her! ;) I really like how it’s a motif in her design.

The one on the right is Misha’s fankid Leona!  I’m slightly more confident in the accuracy of this representation of her.  Her symbol is a star-shaped CD.  I love her color scheme, her outfit looks like something I’d wear.

I learned a lot on these, mainly that coloring metal is really hard, especially when trying to differentiate it from troll skin.